Our History


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Heifer International

The company was established through Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation ( Heifer International) to promote the interest of small holder Dairy Farmers in the area and contribute to the development of the Dairy Sector.

The initial business plan was bulking and chilling of raw milk which was sold to Processors. With a focus to improve milk prices and prompt payments to its Farmers which subsequently improves their livelihoods the Company diversified into Milk Pasteurization.

Veterinary Shop Animal feeds and Minerals Sales on Cash Or Check Off

The company also has an Agro-vet Shop which sales animal feeds and minerals both on cash and on check off basis to its farmers. Besides that, also the company has an Extension team which does trainings and mobilization to our farmers.

Who We Are We lead in providing quality dairy products and services in Kenya

Milki dairy products are the flagship products of Tarakwo Dairies which was registered in 2010 as a CBO with a handful of members. With the technical support from Melinda Gates foundation under East Africa Dairy Development Project, who assisted in farmer mobilization, the CBO s, then known as Taragoon Dairy started bulking member’s milk on 22nd October 2010. The initial volumes bulked were 1600 Kgs. From this humble beginning, the dairy farmers in Tarakwa near Burnt Forest gained a voice on marketing of their milk.
In 2014, the converted to a public limited company by shares, and immediately impacted on milk value addition through processing of members milk and selling the same through milk dispensers in Eldoret town and its suburbs , the balance was sold to major milk processors in Kenya. Currently memberships stand at 5800 and still growing. The milk catchment is from Kesses and Ainabkoi Division of Uasingishu County. Part of the milk is collected from Elkeyo- Maraket County The company has enabled members access farm inputs at ease and created employment to the youth

Milk Pasteurization and Dispensing 3 Milk Dispensing Outlets

The company started Milk Pasteurization and Dispensing on 27th August 2015 with a focus on Eldoret Market and its Environs.

The Company currently has 3 Milk Dispensing Outlets, One at Sirgoi holdings plaza and another at Central arcade building in Eldoret and one at the Factory.

The company also processes and packages Yorghurt and Lala Milk, (Fermented Milk) which is sold at its Milk Dispensing Outlets, Routes and at the Factory.


To be a leader in providing quality dairy products and services in kenya


To Provide Value Added Milk Products And Services To Dairy Farmers And Cosumers In Kenya

What We Do

Milk production, collection, processing and marketing

3 Milk Dispensing Outlets

One at Sirgoi holdings plaza and another at Central arcade building in Eldoret and one at the Factory

Promote the Interest of Small holder Dairy Farmers

5,800 Registered farmers from a catchment area of 16 locations


  1. To pursue, promote, protect and advocate interests of milk producers in the area.
  2. To encourage dairy production in the country
  3. To improve milk production and collection
  4. To process, package and market milk products
  5. To promote consumption of milk products.
  6. To create a forum of exchange of ideas and experiences amongst dairy stakeholders.
  7. To promote dissemination of information through the extension and training
  8. To improve milk quality standards in the Dairy activities
  9. To promote linkages and trade in Dairy activities
  10. To promote research and development in the dairy sector

Core Values

  1. Ethical- adherence to moral and ethical principles set by the company
  2. Transparency- open and transparent in its operations
  3. Reliability- consistent and true to its set procedures
  4. Efficiency- Ensure smooth and timely service delivery
  5. Customer care- treats its shareholders and customers in a fair and respectful manner
Litres of Milk per Day
Active Suppliers.
Staff with Varying Professional Backgrounds
Board of Directors Elected Annually from Shareholders

Partner and Collaborations

Tarakwo Dairies Co ltd has entered into
collaborations with several partners

Heifer International
Technoserve (TNS)
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)
Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
United States African Development Foundation (USADF)