Milk Processing

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Milk Processing

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Chilled raw milk in the storage tanks is pumped into the pasteurizer through inline filters where it is preheated to 55 degrees centigrade and then to the separator where it is also clarified to remove any remaining dirt. It is then heated further and homogenized at 150 bars. Homogenization breaks down the fat globules and blends it with the other milk components a process that prevents any of their separation after packing.
The homogenized milk is then heated further to between 78 and 80 degrees centigrade and then cooled to below 6 degrees then projected into pasteurized milk tanks. This process eliminates all disease causing micro organisms. Quality analysis for acidity development, butter fat standardization as well as phosphatase tests are carried out continuously until all milk is depleted from the raw milk tanks. Fresh milk is then packed in pouches, bottles or tetra classic packs.